Blatchford - Rapidly Growing Edmonton Neighbourhood

Modern living with high sustainability standards!

The community of Blatchford has an amazing location with an easy access to Central Edmonton and anywhere in the city through the Yellowhead Drive highway! It is close proximity to several public and catholic schools as well as Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). The close LRT station will always keep the value up for the real estate around.

All builders in this area are competing in creating highly efficient homes in regard of sustainable consumption of energy and utilities. NX Build feels very comfortable with this challenge being confident that their clients will have the guaranteed feel of advantageous location and high quality of living.

NX Build currently is developing two parcels with 15-unit townhomes.

The residents will have the comfort of public transport or fast commute using their own vehicles. Several commercial zones and shops nearby create another factor for considering moving to Blatchford.